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Got a scratch on your favourite bike? No worries, we can colour match and recreate the logos to make it better than new!


Still love that bike you have been riding for the last few years but the paint scheme is looking a bit dated? Talk to us about a full respray, with a million colours to choose from - the sky is the limit!


Have you got an old classic bike that is begging for some love? Bring it and we can talk about restoring back to its former glory.



A collection of bikes we've painted with passion. 



Velocraft is a team of passionate cyclists who have come together to bring bikes alive with paint. 

Originally started by Steve Gardner in 2016 under the name 'Bikes By Steve' it has been growing steadily since and in September 2019 was rebranded to Velocraft.

After outgrowing a shared workspace in Fairfield Velocraft has now moved into a new factory in Boronia at the base of Melbourne's most iconic 1in20 climb.  


In this new space Velocraft continues to push the limits of bike painting giving true meaning to the term 'Functional Art'.



Repairs -

Each frame is carefully inspected before we start, if we find anything that looks like a crack we will recommend the frame be scanned by Luescher Teknik if it is carbon or by one of the local frame builders if it is steel or titanium. 

The scratched or chipped area will need to be sanded, primed and baked in a special oven before being sanded again and masked off for final paint. 

Next the paint will be mixed up and matched to the original colour of the bike and the first coats of paint applied. Once the base coat is touch dry we apply 2-3 coats of clear whether in a gloss or matte finish. 

The frame is baked again and inspected before been buffed and polished (gloss coats only) to really make it shine!

Resprays - 

Full resprays will go through much the same process as a repair but hardest part is often deciding which colours to choose! When you first come in for a respray we will spend some time talking about your ideas and colours, we 

Restorations -

Reviving your classic frame can take alot of work but it is always worth it. Most older frames will be partially or fully chromed plated, we will need to strip the paint off the frame before inspecting the quality of the chrome plating underneath. If required the frame will need to be replated before we can start with paint.

If your frame hasn't been chrome pated but has some rust that will need to be removed as well. we do this by paint stripping the frame before media blasting it to get the rust off and prep it for paint.

The first round of paint includes etch priming the frame before a layer of high fill primer goes down, this builds up a nice layer of paint to sand smooth after baking.

Please note - when you bring a frame or bike part in please have it completely stripped of all parts ie; derailleur hangers, bottle cage bolts, seat clamps, headsets etc. and only bring in the parts that need painting. 


Repairs - 

A scratch or chip repair on any frame or part in one colour. Subject to visual inspection in person, if we have to recreate any logos or graphics this price will increase accordingly. 

From $385

Resprays -

A basic two colour full respray for any carbon or metal bike where the frame is one colour with the logos in a different contrasting colour. Any paints with special effects (candy, pearl, chrome) or more than two colours are priced individually.

From $1,400

Restorations - 

A restoration of a classic or retro can include re-chroming and polishing of parts as well as custom graphics or decals to be made to make sure it is period correct. 

From $1,800

Renders - 

If you are unsure what you want your new paint scheme to look like we have a render service to help you visualise what the bike will look like.

Starting at $330



9/51  Kalman Drive

Boronia, VIC 3155

Tel: +61 404 883 214



Mon - Thurs: 9am - 4pm

Friday: By Appointment Only

Thank you for your enquiry!

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